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We are happy that we have received so many amazing entries into the Taste Bud Battle, and we still have some time to go! If you haven't yet entered, get yourself into the kitchen and whip up something fruity and fantastic! Contestants seem to be loving the "Fruity Fun" theme and we wanted you to see our latest collection of Taste Bud Battle "Fruity Fun" adverts. Help us find inspiration for this year's apron design. To vote for your favorite, log in, then click on the advert you like best and cast your vote.

Total votes: 109

Current winner : Option 4 - 47 Votes (43.12%)

Option 1

Total votes: 21 (19.27%)

Option 2

Total votes: 25 (22.94%)

Option 3

Total votes: 6 (5.5%)

Option 4

Total votes: 47 (43.12%)

Option 5

Total votes: 10 (9.17%)