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Fruity Rainbow Jelly

Fruity Rainbow Jelly

* 4 80g packets of different colour jellies
* 1 395kg can of Condensed Milk
* 6 10g sachets of Clear and unflavored Gelatine
* Hot & cold water per Jelly instructions on each packet
* 6 evenly sliced Strawberries

1. Put your first colour jelly crystals into a jug, then add hot water according to the packet instructions.
2. Add 1 sachet of gelatine to the hot mix and with a fork mix till dissolved
3. Add cold water according to the packet instructions.
4. Pour first colour into a square of rectangular dish then place on an even shelf in the fridge for 15 or until firm.
5. In a jug, mix 4 6 packets of gelatine with 1 3 Cups of hot water until dissolved. Add can of condensed milk then set aside.
6. Remove dish from fridge and pour a layer of white condensed milk, put in fridge to set.
7. Continue with all the other colours making sure there is a layer of the white in between each colour.
* (If the white mixture starts to set while you are waiting, then place in the microwave for a few seconds to liquefy.)
8. Once layer 6 is set, lay down sliced strawberries in rows. Then gently pour over your final colour of jelly and allow to set for 15 minutes.
9. Once all set, cut into small squares to serve.