Carrot Fruitcake


It’s a sugary modern incarnation. This recipe is a fun way to “dress-up” the old favourite carrot cake, where the healthiest thing about it, is its name.

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Chewy Fruit Crunchies


Cookie chemistry, the perfect balance between chewy and crunch!

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Educating Children in the Kitchen


Getting your children cooking and baking provide practical experiences with many essential skills such as reading, following directions, and measuring.

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Top Tips For Entering The Taste Bud Battle


If you are considering entering the Taste Bud Battle 2020, here are some Top Tips from our team to help you through your culinary journey.

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Bananas About Breakfast!

Get your kids more involved in the creation of actual meals! Here are some creative breakfast ideas to make the family smile in the morning.

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The Taste Bud Battle Cook Booklet


At the end of last year's (2019) competition, we created a Taste Bud Battle Cook Booklet that was bagged with the Crawford Times and Trinitonian magazines. See our stars in the Booklet here.

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Sweet Art by Linsey McCreedy

Linsey McCreedy is an artist, but instead of using paint, pencils or clay, her medium of choice is sugar!

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